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Name: Dr. Valerie Anderson

Date Joined: 2011; Founder and CEO

Family: Married for 22 years; 3 Children: Alex, Jaden, Victoria; Dog: Elias

Hobbies: Working out, Having a glass of wine, Watching True-Crime shows

Fun Fact: A former Junior Miss winner, Dr. Anderson was also an alternate for the Chicago Bulls dance team, the LuvaBulls.

Title/Role: Optometrist; CEO; and Small Business Owner

Professional Goals: To expand our business, and to provide quality eye care throughout the

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Science and a Mother's Eyes
Motherhood...the sheer sound of it brings enduring memories. A mother’s touch, her voice, her cooking, and the smile of approval in her eyes. Science has recently proven that there is a transference of emotion and programming from birth and infancy between a moth...

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To surpass your optical expectations by providing excellent service and quality products as well as gaining the trust of your entire family.

- ClearVue EyeCare Staff